Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Day...New Rush Album!!!

For whatever reason I thought the Rush album was coming out today May 29th, when in truth it is June 12. So I feel like a real dumbass. But it doesn't change my enthusiasm! All this negativity just makes me stronger!

I've written before about my love for Rush. Happily they have their new album Clockwork Angels, coming out tomorrow. A lovely anniversary present from the fellas! Thanks, guys!!

That's "Headlong Flight," which I am listening to right now. With this new record Rush is back to the concept-album idea. Evidently this one is about watchmakers, steampunk, quests, pirates and lost cities. This song shows they are back to their old tricks of kind-of-long-songs and time-signature changes.  As someone whose life has been enormously affected by Rush all I can say is "awesome!"

I will be seeing them for the umpteenth time this September. The last time I saw them was last summer in Baltimore. My wife was actually very excited to see them and we had decent seats on the floor but were way too far back. That experience convinced me that I can never be that far back for a Rush show again. This time I splurged and did the fan club thing and guaranteed us (Yes the missus is going back for a SECOND Rush show!! She's a keeper!) somewhere in the first 15 rows. This will be night and day difference for her compared to the last. She had a hard time seeing things last time; this time there will be no such problem.

This track and the other two songs I have heard, BU2B and Caravan bode well for this record. Unlike other bands, I think Rush has aged spectacularly well. I will admit the new stuff isn't as good as Moving Pictures or Permanent Waves but that isn't a bad thing. Hell, man, it's impossible to make a record as good as Moving Pictures. The new stuff is still fresh sounding. It's still interesting. It is impossible for the Rolling Stones or Kiss or Boston or Eric Clapton or AC/DC or many other bands from the 70s and 80s to make a new record that is even remotely interesting. How many bands can you say that about? Seriously, do you really think the Rolling Stones are ever going to make another good record? They haven't made a good record since 1972!! Rush is still pushing themselves. They haven't gone soft, they haven't given up, they haven't sold out, they continue to musically challenge themselves. Geddy can't hit the high notes like he used to but they are still bringing it. And that is why they are my most favorite band in the world.

I'll post my thoughts on the record in it's entirety later this week. CAN'T WAIT!!

PS...the other band that comes to mind that is still making interesting records despite their age is Iron Maiden. I am seeing them this summer as well!! YES!

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