Sunday, May 20, 2012

BRAD, or what to do when not doing Pearl Jam

While Pearl Jam is on hiatus it is good to see the fellows still working on side projects. Jeff Ament (with an assist from Mike McCready) had a solid record with Tres Mts. Eddie Vedder's solo record, Ukulele Songs was kind of meh primarily because it's Eddie playing the ukulele and that gets old kind of quick. Matt Cameron did some work with a little band he used to monkey around with called Soundgarden. Now Stone Gossard returns with his side project, BRAD.

BRAD has made a few records before but their new one, United We Stand, is the first one I have picked up. It is VERY 90s alternative sounding, which to someone my age is usually a pretty good thing. There's an R&B kind of vibe permeating through it. It's a catchy record. The songwriting and the melodies are especially good; the musicianship is fine. The vocals are interesting. Shawn Smith is the singer and he has had a fine career out of the limelight. His voice reminds me a bit of America's Dewey Bunnell.

If you are a casual Pearl Jam fan this record won't register with you. If you are a Pearl Jam fanatic you probably don't need me to tell you about it. If you are looking for something new to listen to it is definitely work a check out. I have been coming back to this record a bunch of times since it came out mainly because they are placing the Red Palace Tuesday night and I am trying to talk myself into going. I hear parking is a bitch down on H Street though. That's a very old-man-reason not to go but hey. 

Here's the second track off the record, called "Bound In Time." Enjoy.

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