Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Gets July 17

After a few dud weeks finally a week of interesting albums. They run the gamut to. Here's some quick thoughts on some of the new purchases:

One Lovely Day by Citizen Cope - Was introduced to the musings of Clarence Greenwood by my old friend Kevin. CC is an interesting artist: a DC guy who makes what I think of as urban indie. Very soulful kind of acoustic r&b. He is doing a couple shows around Thanksgiving that I am thinking of checking out.

Songs Of Patience by Alberta Cross - Been waiting for this one for a while now. Swedes by way of England now based in New York. Their first record was really good, sort of a British take on Son Volt. This one amps up the British-ness.

Hypnotic Nights by JEFF The Brotherhood - I downloaded their EP because it was cheap and was noisy. Cool loud Pitchfork-friendly rock band like The Men and Japandroids.

Yellow/Green Album by Baroness - Here's a record that has a chance to make the Top 10 of the year. Metal band out of Georgia who's previous albums have been called Red Album and Blue Album. This one is, go figure, a double album. More proggy and poppy than the previous two and I mean that in the most positive ways. I hope they tour because I want to see them.

One things of interest was a free download of a Rhett Miller solo live record. Really dig that.

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