Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Old War

One of the regular features, if you will, of this blog will be to take a look at records I have just downloaded.

(As an aside, I do the vast majority of my music buying from eMusic. They are a subscription service and offer great deals. If you know you are going to buy 5 or 6 or 10 records a month, like I do, you should really be doing it with eMusic. It is a much better deal than iTunes. If you decide to sign up with eMusic, PLEASE let me know so that I can send you a referral email through their website and I can get credits. Yeah, I'm thrifty that way!)

One of the records I downloaded last week was a three-piece band from Philadelphia named Good Old War. I forget exactly where I first heard them but I was caught by their name first an d their music second. The name is played off parts of each of the fellows' names: Goodwin, Arnold and Schwartz. I thought about doing that with my band but the best I could come up with is So Man Can Chill and that doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

So, what about the band? They are a folky band with emphasis on some great harmonies. Kind of an America or CSNY thing going on. I could not find anything on YouTube from their new record (which is their third), so here they are doing a track from their second record. It's called "My Own Sinking Ship."

The records have a guitar/bass/drum sound but this is nice to see this doing something different with just a guitar and accordion. The harmonies and the songwriting is the most interesting part of the group.  I wish I could sing this well. Jodi (my wife, for the those who don't know) says I should get voice lessons, not because I have a bad voice but because it would teach me how to really sing. I think I am a pretty good singer, and have been told that by others (thanks!!), but I have zero formal training. Sounds like a good anniversary present, right? (cough-cough)

Anyway, this makes for pleasant listening on a sunny morning, which I am enjoying presently! After I click "Publish" it is off to the gym, however, where I shall likely listen to Iron Maiden.

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